AAUP 2016

Editing ConferenceLast week, I attended the Association of American University Presses 2016 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This event provided a wonderful opportunity to learn about university presses and current trends in scholarly publishing. During the conference, I attended sessions on metrics and terminology, fostering diversity in the profession, and acquisitions editorial work.

Overall, I enjoyed this event, and it was great spending time with passionate and experienced editors. After attending the conference, I started reading The Copyeditor’s Handbook for my Intermediate Manuscript Editing course. The conference sessions and the chapters assigned for the course actually covered a lot of the same ground—which was fantastic!

University presses play an important role in our society. These institutions celebrate deep knowledge and disseminate important scholarly research. If you would like to learn more about the AAUP and university presses, please visit: www.aaupnet.org, or visit: www.universitypressweek.org to learn more about promoting scholarly works during University Press Week. During November 14-19, 2016, you can participate in AAUP online panels and help to promote university presses through social media using these two hashtags: #ReadUP and #UPshelfie.

More updates soon. Keep reading!





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